September 1, 2017

DevOps Must Have tools to control the 5C’s

We often speak of Devops 2C’s ( continuous integration and continuous delicery ) but have you heard of Devops 5C’s and how you can manage them ?

DevOps Must Have tools to control the 5C’s :

1. Icinga
For Infrastructure monitoring you can use Icinga, which was originally created as a fork of Nagios

2. ELK
The ELK Stack is a log analytics solution. It collects logs from all IT services, applications, networks, tools, servers, and more in an environment into a single, centralized location for processing and analysis. It is used for analytical security and auditing purposes.

3. Jenkins
Jenkins can build code, create Docker containers, run tests, and push to production. It has some issues regarding scaling and performance

4. Docker
Docker eases configuration management, control issues, and scaling

5. Ansible
Ansible is a configuration management tool. You can also kill and spin new application instances using a Docker container. Ansible is used mostly for deployment configuration.

6. Git (GitHub)
Github is the most common source management tool available, and has plugins to connect with Jenkins to facilitate integration and deployment