May 22, 2020

Fawz News

Fawz News Manifesto, the dissident approach of journalism

“Fawz is a weekly that offers its readers an original look without taboos or complacency on international news“.

Journalism is the 4th power essential to the balance of the other powers. To do this, journalism must be impertinent, visionary, rebellious, caustic, humorous, sourced and investigative, without taboos, without concessions, the opposite of the soup that the subservient mainstream media serve us. No wonder the Japanese are the people who read the most newspapers per capita because 1 well-informed citizen is worth 2 😉 and a well-informed citizen by Fawz is worth 3!

Do not be surprised the subjects that we will treat on Fawz are not treated anywhere else because they disturb the established order and it is because we want to   overturn the table that we will treat them without concession.

Fawz is one of the brands of Amenys Limited, a company incorporated under British law and is governed by the laws in force in the United Kingdom and in particular the “Freedom of Speech” (Anglo-Saxon journalistic freedom of expression).