SAP Business Intelligence Overview

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Course Contents

This course provides theoretical overview of SAP BI (Business Intelligence). It explains the role of SAP BW in the context of SAP BI as data warehousing and analysis solution and its relation and positioning with SAP NetWeaver. It describes SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse) architecture and benefits. SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse) provide extensive set of functionality and tools to users like Business managers, analysts and other decision makers for strategic and operational management of organisation. SAP BW provides support for collecting, staging, and analysing structured and unstructured information from an organisation and external sources. It helps directly with business strategy formation and implementation.

SAP BI with SAP NetWeaver

  • Integration of SAP Business Intelligence into SAP NetWeaver

SAP Business Info Warehouse

  • Fundamentals
  • SAP Business Information Warehouse

Business Warehouse Management

  • Administrator Workbench (AWB)
  • SAP BW Objects and terminology

Extraction Management

  • Data Extraction
  • Third Party Extraction Tools

Reporting & Analysis

  • BEx Query Designer
  • BEx Web Application Designer

Business Planning & Simulation

  • Business Planning and Simulation (BPS)
  • Analysis Process Designer & Data Mining
  • Enhanced Analysis Possibilites

Intro – SAP Strategic Mgmt

  • Consolidated financial reporting Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
  • Corporate performance management and scorecards Risk

Business Content

  • Business Content (BCT)
  • Technical Content: BW Statistics

Course Duration : 1 day


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