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Go to CLARINDA Healthcare e-Passport

CLARINDA Healthcare e-Passport

CLARINDA is a Medical Record System used by either Doctors or Patients or Hospitals, to ensure the Patients Data are securely stored, gathered and retrieved. It is your Healthcare e-Passport for life to help you stay connected, alive and in a good shape

Go to CLARINDA Cloud HIPAA compliant

CLARINDA Cloud HIPAA compliant

Clarinda is available everywhere, anytime, with exceptional user’s experience to help you save lives. Clarinda Healthcare Cloud is HIPAA compliant to ensure your Patients data stay secured. Clarinda is available with several flavours : – Private Cloud – Hybrid Cloud – PC based Client

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CLARINDA Artificial Intelligence

Clarinda embeds Artificial Intelligence features to help you give the right diagnostic and use the power of Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics applied to Healthcare



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