February 15, 2020

Cyberdefense in Corporate Investment banking

Smart finance Containerization challenges

Moving from a Private IAAS Cloud to an Hybrid Container As a Service Cloud model is challenging for a Global corporate bank

Amenys Cyberdefense methodology

Amenys Red Team focuses on your IS and SDLC processes to perform :

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Cybersecurity audits
  • Compliance audit

Amenys deliver a Cyberdefense audit to help your organisation to harden its Defense-in-Depth IS and SDLC, to deliver secure by design smart finance applications to your end-customers.


Data Leak Prevention and Code review is crucial when it comes to containerization adoption. DevSecOps promotion helps your developer to add security assurance in your SDLC. WAF is not an option when you exposes your containers over the Internet. SIEM use case development and SOC Awareness Program are a Must to move to Containerization.

Amenys Red Team is at your service to help you succeed your Containerisation-As-a-Service program.

For more information contact our Red Team at info@amenys.com