November 10, 2016

Security Audit

Cybersecurity challenges

The world is connected and daily attacked by hackers. IoT, Big Data and Cloud have introduced new vulnerabilities.

In September 2016, major US websites (Verizon, Amazon, Netflix)  went down during 2 hours after DDoS  cyberattack.

Financial losses were about 10 Millions dollars.

Are you prepared for a major cyber attack ?

  • How are you dealing with threats and attacks ?
  • What would be the  legal and financial impacts ?
  • Are you compliant with  cybersecurity best practices and standards ?
  • How would your customers be impacted ?
  • How do you protect your data and assets ?


Amenys added values

We offer  security audit services :  vulnerabilities assessment and recommendations.

Our audit methology is a 3 step process :

  • Activate
  • Adapt
  • Anticipate

Our audit is cost-effective, customizable and based on your organisation’s compliance assessment. Our experts audit your infrastructure and your applications. We offer security solutions (audit and implementation) adapted to your needs.

Our references

  • CustomerMatrix
  • Symantec
  • Orange Business Services
  • Mobistar

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