July 3, 2016


You have big goals for your district; we have the consulting services to help you accomplish them

We take the time to understand the unique challenges school and district leaders face and then tailor the Education Elements approach to satisfy the exact needs of the districts we support

Our approach:

We are a team of seasoned educators, designers, engineers, and change management experts with a proven track record in our work with districts. We approach each district partnership with the mindset that while we can share what has worked elsewhere, we must seek to understand the current culture and context of each district and school. We honor the goals, priorities, and vision of every leader with whom we work, and we help them to hone, articulate, and make those visions a reality. We bring deep expertise, design thinking, expert facilitation, and a spirit of collaboration, along with our extensive toolkit of resources and technology, to deliver sustainable results.

Our experience:

Through our work we have developed deep expertise that we build on with every new district we support. We amplify the strengths of each district and school leadership team while filling in any gap areas.

From a single school in 2010 to more than 500 today, we are driven by bold leaders, amazing teachers, and the students we serve together. We are so grateful to have the chance to work with so many districts and look forward to many years of working with many more through :

  • Personalized learning
  • Competency-based education
  • Teams and culture
  • Organizational leadership
  • Innovative leadership competencies