January 17, 2022

Fatima Zohra and Mohammed EL AKRAMINE Sociology Research Institute

Mr Jalal EL AKRAMINE is the Dean of “Fatima Zohra MENOUNI & EL AKRAMINE Mohammed Sociology Research Institute” (FZMEMSRI) at “Nour University“, the first ever online campus preventing discriminations and promoting diversity in the sciences and humanities research ecosystem.


FZMEMSRI focuses on doctoral and post-doctoral studies on sociology of discriminations. Main topics of research are :

  • Bipolarity disorder discrimination and economy
  • Obesity discrimination and economy
  • Blindness and Deafness discrimination and economy
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) discrimination and economy
  • Incest prevention and discrimination and economy
  • Suicide prevention and economy
  • Infancy violence prevention

Jalal EL AKRAMINE specific field of research focused on “Obesity social representations”. He has published a book on this topic and has presented his findings and results on various seminaries and symposiums. He offers a Masterclass on this world health obesity issue and social stigmatus on social networks to help prevent obesity at early age and infancy and explain the root causes of this food behavioral disorder that hit 650 millions of citizens of the World while 2 billions humans are suffering from excessive weight and could fall into obesity.


To submit your candidacy for a Thesis at FZMEMSRI, contact jalal.elakramine@amenys.com