The art of prospecting and winning customers



  • Mastering prospecting techniques and their tools
  • Get organised and get targeted appointments witj prospects
  • Effectively conduct your first interview and develop your sales

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  • This training is aimed at salespeople, sales representatives and technical sales representatives, managers and business engineers

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Prospecting and win new customers

The sales revolution has created a new customer-centric paradigm focused on the resolution of customers needs and problems.

In order to optimise and boost your sales performance and improve your customer relationship, the digital transformation has radically changed the sales processes to prospect and win new customers.

1°) Sales and Prospecting Strategies Introduction

Not every prospect will lead to a sale, but you can maximize the conversion of your prospects in sale by choosing one or several strategies among the six strategies enhancing the impact of your outreach by pursuing those most likely to be interested through targeting, value in every touch, right offer, fairness and multiple touches.

2°) AIDA prospecting and sales technique

One Direct marketing method that can be used to successfully prospect and win news customers is AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

Prospecting is the process of creating attention and interest to win a sales meeting to explore the subject area more deeply.

Attention and stimulate Interest and Desire, you can shape the prospect’s understanding of the importance of solving a particular problem,

and you’ll be able to persuade them into Action.

3°) BANT prospecting and sales technique

The BANT, for Budget, Authority, Need, Timing, aims to identify commercially exploitable Internet users according to 4 interdependent key criteria.

If one of the variables does not respond positively, the lead is not yet ready to make a purchase, he is not mature enough.

4°) 4C prospecting and sales technique

Prospects exposed to an avalanche of data on the web, the customer is not a simple buyer, but a real actor. Today, he not only wants us to meet his expectations,

but also to have a privileged relationship with the brand.

Customers must be placed at the center of your digital strategy. The product is no longer enough to seduce him, he wants a personalized and authentic purchase journey.

The principle of the 4Cs (customer needs, cost to satisfy, convenience of buying and communication) is part of this approach to understanding customer needs for optimal management of sales and marketing actions.

5°) SONCAS prospecting and sales method

To convince a customer, it is essential to understand their buying motivations. The SONCAS method is a mnemonic process to identify the needs and motivations of your prospects to guide them towards the purchase decision : security, pride, innovation, comfort, money and sympathy.

6°) SPANCO prospecting and sales method

It is a technique that facilitates the follow-up of the commercial negotiation step by step, from the first contact until the signing of the contract and the conclusion of a transaction. By implementing the right KPIs at each stage, your teams can structure their approach to optimize the prospect’s progress in your conversion funnel: suspect, prospect, analyse, negotiate, close and order.

7°) INBOUND prospecting and sales method

Inbound sales is a technique inherited from inbound marketing which consists of letting the customer contact the brand when he decides. Faced with the proliferation of online content, buyers no longer need to contact a sales team directly to decide on a purchase. The latter must therefore evolve and transform their sales strategy in its entirety in order to serve the potential buyer. They must personalize the sales experience according to the context of the prospect. Inbound sales is based on 5 key topics (persona definition, sales experience optimisation, customised content sharing, smarketing, social selling)

8°) Sales Enablement technique

To Support the sales teams the best practises are to set up processes, practices, technologies and tools that improve the performance and productivity of a company’s business strategy. Sales enablement supports sales teams with the content, training, tools, and analytics they need, when they need them, to be most successful in the sales process. CRM can be used to generate pipeline, manage deals and engage customers.

9°) Growth hacking technique

Growth hacking is a powerful method to gain quickly through marketing business intelligence prospect and customer engagement.

The 6 metrics of the growth hacking funnel to engage successfully prospects and new customers are : Awareness, Acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, referral (AAARRR)

10°) 8 stepsprospecting and selling technique

Managing the sales through the 8 step selling process maximise the prospecting and new customer acquisition chances :

Prospecting. Connecting, Qualifying, Demonstrating Value, Addressing Objections, Closing the Deal, Onboarding, Following Up


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